American Bible Society


Thousands of language groups around the world are still waiting for access to the Word of God.

To provide speakers of these languages with access to God’s Word—and complete the most accurate translations in the fastest amount of time possible—Bible translators around the world need additional training and updated equipment.

With the support of partners like you, Bible translation projects are accelerating across the globe. Now, a full Bible translation can be completed in about 16 years; in the 1980s, the same job took more than twice as long to finish. This work has already made a life-changing difference for people waiting to read God’s Word in their language. But millions are still waiting.

Thanks to your commitment to Bible translation, we can look forward to seeing 100 percent of languages opened for Scripture engagement by 2033.

“Imagine your relationship with the Lord without God’s Word. I can’t. That’s why I’m so passionate to make sure everyone has it.”
- Mart Green Founder, Every Tribe Every Nation