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How do Millennials view and perceive God’s Word?
What do the trends in Bible engagement in the U.S. reveal?

Research that answers questions like these has helped identify the most critical Bible needs around the world—including the need to transform America through Scripture engagement. Bible-based research has also strengthened ministries that equip people to engage with God’s Word, including Bible translation and trauma healing.

This research consists of:

State of the Bible

State of the Bible: An annual study that reveals Bible behavior, perception and engagement among American adults. When the report debuted in 2011, 26 percent of Americans identified as "Bible engaged," compared to 10 percent of Americans who identified as "Bible skeptical." In 2015, the study highlighted a decline in Bible engagement—down to 17 percent—and a rise in Bible skepticism—up to 21 percent. This data highlights the urgent need for Bible engagement materials, programs and campaigns.
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America's Most Bible-Minded Cities

America’s Top Bible-Minded Cities: An annual ranking of the most “Bible-Minded” cities in America, from one to 100. Chattanooga, Tenn. ranked as the most Bible-minded city in 2013 and 2015, with Birmingham, Ala. taking the top spot in 2014. This study offers insight into which cities have a Bible-reading culture and how many people in these cities regularly read Scripture.
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Millennials and the Bible

Millennials and the Bible: A booklet with facts, figures and survey results that details how Americans in the 18-30 age bracket engage with God’s Word. According to survey results, 46 percent of Milliennials believe the Bible is either an outdated book of teachings or an oppressive book of religious beliefs. This insight serves as the backbone of a Bible engagement campaign tailored for millennials.
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Bible Translation Research from Nida

Bible Translation Research from the Nida Institute for Biblical Scholarship: The Nida Institute, American Bible Society’s research and scholarship team, publishes essays and books that shape modern understanding of Bible translation. This research spans from examining new approaches to the theory and practice of Bible translation to critically analyzing religious discourse. Each publication works to strengthen translation services and products around the world.
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