American Bible Society

Financial Reports

At American Bible Society, we work to make the Bible available and alive for people in the most difficult places. Through programs and partnerships, we have equipped millions of people—from cities in the United States to villages in Uganda—to experience the life-changing message of God’s Word.

In our annual Stewardship Report, we offer an update on these programs and partnerships, sharing influential stories, financial reports and more. Go ahead—journey through the latest report below.

IRS Form 990
Since 1816, American Bible Society has pioneered ways of providing God’s Word for the people around the world who need it most.

Global Bible Ministry
Working with grassroots partners across our United Bible Societies network, we help place God’s Word in China, Africa, India and particularly among the world’s poor.

Bibles for the Military
Committed to supporting the men and women in our armed forces, we provide customized Bibles and Bible resources for our nation’s military overseas and veterans returning home.

U.S. Bible Outreach
Supporting students struggling with literacy, victims of natural disaster, at-risk urban youth and prisoners across the country, we provide a range of Bible resources, offering answers and hope.

Bible Arts and Media
Pioneering online Bible tools, Bible-based music and films and Bible exploration experiences, we continue to open new ways for the timeless message of God’s Word to come alive for new generations.

Translation and Education
Anchored by world-class Bible scholarship and a remarkable collection of ancient Scripture resources, we continue to develop new Bible resources and tools to bring the message of God’s Word to people around the world.

Ministry Partnerships
Working together with ministries, such as the Salvation Army, Samaritan’s Purse, Operation Compassion and partners from across the whole Church, we help get God’s Word out to people around the globe.

For nearly 200 years, the life-changing ministries of American Bible Society have been made possible by the generous giving of thousands of donors. Every ministry offering is thoroughly evaluated through extensive due diligence provided by our research group, Global Scripture Impact. You can have confidence that your donation is supporting critically needed Bible ministry for people around the globe.